MPNAIJA GIST:Cossy Ojiakor names Iyabo Ojo and Daniella Okeke in her “Sugar Daddy” confession story

Cossy Ojiakor has named two actresses – Iyabo Ojo and Daniella Okeke- in the latest episode of her Instagram confessions of an Industry Pimp.
Recall that the drama started yesterday, when the actress leaked clues on actresses she allegedly pimped out to a mystery man. Ojiakor, from her explanation, felt betrayed after one of the ladies trashtalked her before their sponsor and tried to block her Range Rover gift. And it is for this reason that the buxom actress has taken to Instagram, to put the unnamed associates on blast.

Following her coded confession yesterday, many followers pieced together one of the characters as Iyabo Ojo. And today, Cossy mentioned the Yoruba actress but also denied hooking her up with the mystery man. The denial is coded, plus Cossy started out her rant with a disclaimer.
The second actress Cossy named today is Daniella Okeke, who is already embroiled in the Apostle Suleman sex scandal. Cossy made comparisons between Okeke and the unnamed actress she pimped out.
Her latest revelations are strung in codes and denials, but the points we take away from her latest story are these:
1. She has a record of all the women she pimped out
2. She has receipts of all the transfers/payments made for each sexual transaction
3. She feels betrayed because one of her associates tried to block the Range Rover gift promised her by their mystery sponsor
4. She alleges that their sponsor, an obviously highly placed man, pays “N400k” to the girls she picks out for him
5. This mystery man, out of alleged guilt, got the women he’s involved with to open up foundations to reach out to the needy
6. Cossy is considering exposing this mystery man, or giving out clues so that Nigerians can fix the word puzzle themselves
7. Cossy is considering writing a book

Read her latest word puzzle which she began with a disclaimer:

 “DISCLAIMER The names are fictitious.
 How can Delila xter be Daniella Okeke. her ass is just as enticing as the okada girl I talked about.. D girl I talked about uses bike as a means of transportation and had a stupid old car.. She lived in a swampy place in ologolo before i turned her life around in 2011
So how can you people relate it to this cute rich nollywood actress . Daniella Okeke is a rich girl that drives different cars. She have travelled the world. And own different houses Well i know all these through google. So how can you people relate my Delila to Daniella. Hahahahaha your on your own ooo. As per Delila …the Bitch knows herself, iyabo ojo is a big yoruba actress.. I wonder why u guys think its all about her….she is super cute with angelic face too just like the character bitch 1. But believed me its not her ooo…
This bitch talks trash about other people in front of them and also behind their backs. She is bold. So my dear people pls ask Iyabo Ojo if she know me. She will surely tell you no. So pls stop insinuating … Don’t put word into my mouth …
 I refuse and will not mention names…the bitches knows them self and if you think this is all about you. Then welcome to my world. ….. . So I will trend with caution… I have a black book. The names of the real bitches …events ….places ….dates.. Transfers….. are all written there. All those that backbite… Both men that said trash about me and made me lose out on deals in newyork…. You are all in my black book. ….
Back to the story…mr? He knows he is a sinner sleeping around with actresses paying them millions but he pays only 400k to girls i picked by myself. And this delila is one othe them.. His money is made from…his concience pricks him so he urge them to open foundations. now you know them. Am glad the SUV wasn’t bought. Am a free person with free conscience. thanks for loving my way of writing… And for the people that suggested I do a book.. seriously thinking about it all.. Thanks
Mr?😝… Part 5 loading ….hahahaha”
MPNAIJA GIST:Cossy Ojiakor names Iyabo Ojo and Daniella Okeke in her “Sugar Daddy” confession story MPNAIJA GIST:Cossy Ojiakor names Iyabo Ojo and Daniella Okeke in her “Sugar Daddy” confession story Reviewed by Precious Amadi on March 17, 2017 Rating: 5

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