Sunday, 5 March 2017

MPNAIJA GIST:May the fortune of Nigeria never sink like that of the PDP- Obasanjo prays

Former President Olusegun Obasanjo Friday prayed that the fortunes of Nigeria may never sink like that of former ruling party, PDP which is currently in a leadership crisis. Speaking at a symposium to celebrate his forthcoming 80th birthday, Obasanjo who is a founding member of the party but ceased to be a member when he tore his membership card in February 2015, said when he was in the party, all was well with it, but immediately he left, things became bad for the party.
"When all was going well, when I brought Ahmadu Ali as the national chairman of the party, we controlled 30 States out of the 36 states but when Ahmadu and I left, the fortune of the PDP sunk. Ali is a man of truth, hardworking but cantankerous. May the fortune of Nigeria never sink like that of the PDP,” the audience responded with a thunderous “amen”


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