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Wednesday, 5 April 2017

MPNAIJA GIST:Meet Bjay Lawrenz, Future of Africa's New Sound (@bjaylawrenz ) See mero pictures

It's your girl Bimbo Olaitan once again this is another Beanball Writes and I believe this is a worthy gist to talk about. If you are a lover of good music and someone who often search for what's trending and most talked about topic online via interest base, you would have noticed the name Bjay Lawrenz or seen pictures or comments about him.
I took note few days ago, last week Wednesday precisely and I have been following up gist about him then discovered that he is a new music act and a world class musician and not just a regular music artist. I was impressed with my findings.
Fortunately I was able to get across to his camp and got the opportunity to listened to his said anticipated debut single off Greenpage Records imprint and I must confess,he is out to take a stand and someone worthy to share words about.
News about him had been on the trend across the social networks for few weeks and according to the new updates on his facebook page. Bjay Lawrenz will be releasing the single via a worldwide premiere come 8th April,2017 but the single will be available for exclusive pre-order and purchase from 5th April,2017 on a digital platform that will be made available and available for download on all music platforms from 8th of April,2017.
He dropped the announcement through his facebook page with pictures update that has been earning engagement among music fans on facebook and instagram.
According to his management, Bjay Lawrenz is in a class of his own and an entertaining performer. His music reflects the best of classic sounds with a touch of african vibes.
He has been rated high in terms of good sound and we will be on the look out for the release.
Beanball Media supports good music, so we will be supporting Bjay Lawrenz or any good music act.
Connect with Bjay Lawrenz on all social media via @bjaylawrenz



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