MPNAIJA GIST:K-O Baba shares Thought-Provoking tips on how Port Harcourt based Musicians can Make it

Dear musicians, don't let anybody talk you down, just keep doing your thing, improve in your delivery and output. They keep saying Port Harcourt no get songs, yet week in week out you are dropping songs, but they won't download, they won't play it, they won't share it and they won't talk about it. Please I want you to ask they guy who said Port Harcourt no get songs, how many times has a Port Harcourt based act drop a song and he or she downloaded it.

 Please keep doing what you are doing, and the momentum will build up for you soon. You might not have all the support and attention you desire and deserve now, but history has proven that consistency has a way of paying off. Even our brothers from Enugu has done that too. We will make hits and give birth to celebrities from this city if you can work very hard and be consistent in the game.

I want to say that we done our research and I can say that there is a perspective that's working against your efforts as a musician based in Port Harcourt. Only few people care about giving you the needed attention and good pay. Please don't let their opinion pin you down. You will break barriers soon and you will get heard. I solicit that you begin to go the extra miles; If you can find investors to add up to your shoestring budget for the promotion and marketing objectives of your brand, do so now. Find a way to collaborate with the A-list in the game, that will help you gain attention, acceptance and play time. Maximizing the social media is key in today's music business, use it to share your songs, get friends and family to do same. You can create a small volunteer team for your publicity and digital marketing drive. Imagine having at least 10 friends on a whatsapp group and weekly you decide on how to spread the links to your songs. Please do great artwork with top class representation of your brand. One thing you must care about is having so many OAPs, DJs and bloggers as your close friends and relate with them regularly, sometimes an airtime and money sent when they didn't expect it will come back big time to favour you.

Making it from Port Harcourt might seems tough, but it's not an impossible feat. I know some people in this city walking on that track. It's working for most of us who are comedians in this city, and musicians, dancers, DJs, etc it's your time. It's quite unfortunate that we are short of investors, record labels, artiste managers, marketers, show promoters and host of what factors that complements an artiste in this city. We are getting to the era that alot will fall in place, don't be left out when the time comes because you have given up. Please stay focus and committed, if you know you are not good enough, for an entertainer it's always a good thing to learn, improve and keep improving. Network with people that you give you more value. This is not the time for doing drugs, once you get hooked to it, you will end up spending your promo budget getting high while you deprive yourself of going higher. Please share and tell someone that you are going to make it. You are a Port Harcourt based entertainers and not Port Harcourt bound. You are made for the world and ready to go places. You are Port Harcourt and #PortHarcourtSabiTheTin. Pls share and mention as many Port Harcourt based acts that you know. You are good and you will get better and bigger!!!!
MPNAIJA GIST:K-O Baba shares Thought-Provoking tips on how Port Harcourt based Musicians can Make it MPNAIJA GIST:K-O Baba shares Thought-Provoking tips on how Port Harcourt based Musicians can Make it Reviewed by Precious Amadi on August 11, 2017 Rating: 5

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