MPNAIJA GIST:#BBNaija 2018 Day 5: Housemates Bond Gets Tighter

As is expected of every big brother show, the housemates of #bbnaija season 3 seem to be bonding and getting closer.

As the saying goes, when the going gets tough, only the tough gets going when they have friends to carry them along. The newly formed couples in the #bbnaija house seem to be living this saying as they make biggies idea of creating them a good one.

 With the wager loss and the aubsequent punishment from big brother, it has turned out to be a pretty frustrating experience to say the least, for the #bbnaija housemates, so much so that Housemates turned to each other for support and more.

 The pair of miracle and Nina seem to be getting more explicit as the day goes by, eveb as they express their feelings by teasing, giggling and gazing into each other’s eyes like a pair of old lovers.

Oddly enough, the pair of K.brule and Khloe seem to have fallen for each other, despite the volatile nature of the latter. Khloe appears to have taken so much heat from the #bbnaija House, but that doesn’t seem to be a good enough justification for her mood swings, especially when the pair of Cee-C and Tobi are close by.

 Why there isnt much to say about the pace at which Cee-C and Tobi have multiplied their public display of affection, as Tobi’s soft strokes of Cee-C hair, him massaging her feet, and the obvious intimacy is plain to see.

Despite the fact that both have stolen the limelight from the duo of Bambam and Teddy A, it doesnt seem to be a bad thing as the bond of the two kept diffusing.

 Angel could be seen hovering over Ahneeka like bees over honey and Rico Swavey didn’t bat an eyelid. He however did catch up as he gave Ahneeka her first guitar lesson.

 It seems we are up for more sparks and fireworks as the days go by. With the #bbnaija housemates letting their guards down ,things will only get more intense and explosive.
MPNAIJA GIST:#BBNaija 2018 Day 5: Housemates Bond Gets Tighter MPNAIJA GIST:#BBNaija 2018 Day 5: Housemates Bond Gets Tighter Reviewed by Precious Amadi on February 04, 2018 Rating: 5

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