Lyrics:Dr. Barz – Gbege (Prod. Bigdrxxms)


Gbege Lyrics

Verse 1
Omo no be say I no get Porsche
No mean say I no go ride for you
Omo no be say I wan dey rush
The reason why I Call for you
Omo no be say I wan dey wash you
You no believe me, then na wa for you
Me tha big ish I never flush
Got em’
Feeling left out like a clutch

I dey back with my mirinda
Talking to Belinda
She got the front n back
So I fire my cylinder like
Asking what is required now
To fire down
I pray thee like Higher ground
Am on fire now!

Le le le le le le oh
I no want gbege oh x2

When I deliver, them haters they run to my friends and they tell them to beg me
I’m living the dream and I’m counting my blessings na only baba J dey help me x2

Verse 2
Two fingers up and in the air
Dem haters cannot interfere
Me nuh really care
Bout them circle and dem silly sphere
Boy ya rarely ever see me swear
Me got a limit yeah x2

I’m never left, alright
Future brighter than NEPA light
Bring the WAEC I’ll write
You cant test me, balling like Messi x2

Repeat Hook

Written and composed by Victor Akpomon (Dr. Barz)